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Transform your ideas into intuitive, engaging and scalable software products that people love to use with a team of venture-level talent. Using elements of design management methodology and agile development principles, we cover all product development stages from market research and ideation through design, engineering, and launch.

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A proven track record

4 weeks

from workshop to functional, testable prototype

6-12 months

from initial prototype to a launched MVP, with live customers


cloud applications delivered for clients in regulated areas


spin-off companies

"Creating state-of-the-art products for the global market requires a multidisciplinary team of world-class experts that are willing to challenge the status quo. 3fs is our go-to partner for pushing the boundaries of what is possible.”

Marko Thaler


How we can help

Product design

Focusing on user needs, we thoughtfully create intuitive and visually appealing experiences, transforming ideas into accessible and functional digital products that resonate with target audiences.

Software engineering

Devising and implementing tailored software architectures using bleeding-edge cloud technologies, our team proposes optimal solutions and ensures seamless integration, delivering robust, scalable, and efficient outcomes.

Security and QA

Safeguarding product reliability through rigorous testing, vulnerability assessments, and risk mitigation, ensuring optimal performance, stability, and user trust.

Continuous services and DevOps

Seamlessly integrating development and operations for smooth product lifecycle management, with a focus on ongoing optimisation, rapid deployment, and infrastructure scalability.

How we work

People in a meeting room discussing and sketching ideas on the whiteboard.


We start with a kick-off meeting discussing your ideas and plans for the product. Additional research includes market study, user research, competitor analysis, technical benchmarking and best practices. We build functional prototypes to visualise possible solutions and test the ideas with focus groups and arrive at an MVP feature list and effort estimation.

Person drawing functionalities of application on the whiteboard.

Minimal viable product

Our versatile full-stack teams are tailored to your product's ambition level, focusing exclusively on creating and launching your initial live version for early adopters. Employing iterative workflows, we deliver functional software in incremental stages, optimising the process with a proprietary CI/CD pipeline and specialised tools.

People testing applications on the computer.

General availability

Load balancing, regulatory compliance and final security measures are added before the product is officially launched to the general public. While part of the delivery team continuously monitors the performance, user engagement and system stability following the dev-sec-ops principles the rest can develop updates and upgrades or move onto a new opportunity.

People working in 3fs offices

Handover and Operation

Transferring into continuous operation and optimisation period, we emphasise performance monitoring, incident management, collaboration, CI/CD implementation, and infrastructure optimisation, while supporting your team in adopting DevOps best practices to maintain product stability and user experience.

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