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Fintech is changing static financial patterns and the very fabric of the world's economic landscape.

Our hands-on experience and knowledge of the banking and finance industry enables us to develop modern yet secure and compliant infrastructure and products that your customers will love and trust.

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The shift towards digital-first solutions in fintech and embedded finance is driven by the increasing demand for convenient, flexible, and personalised financial services. Consumers expect to be able to access financial services anytime and anywhere, and to have a seamless and intuitive user experience across all devices and platforms.

Legacy systems are crumbling and cybersecurity requires constant rigor. New technologies and the evolution of ecosystems and alliances open up potential for radical disruption. It's time to question established ways of working and harness the power of digitalisation.

"We were looking for a fintech and cloud savvy partner, supporting us around cyber security, compliance and unleashing development velocity. 3fs was that kind of partner."

Tomaz Stolfa

Edmund CEO

How we can help

Cloud infrastructure

We build a secure, scalable cloud environment with built-in auditing capabilities, worldwide support, and ongoing monitoring and threat detection services. This allows you to focus on innovation and compliance while leaving the cloud infrastructure in expert hands.

Product infrastructure

We use modern microservice architecture and containerisation with efficient communication channels and secure data transfer. This allows you to focus on customer success while the product infrastructure is expertly managed.

Open banking

We implement secure and compliant open banking solutions, leveraging our expert knowledge of PSD2 and first-hand experience in designing and developing APIs for secure data sharing. This creates new opportunities for collaboration and innovation while ensuring regulatory compliance and protection of sensitive financial data.


Differentiate yourself from traditional banks by focusing on technology, agility, and innovation, and by providing a seamless and intuitive digital experience for your customers.

Embedded finance

Integrating financial services into non-financial platforms like e-commerce, ride-sharing, social media, and hospitality improve the customer experience and drive revenue growth for businesses. Build "buy now, pay later", insurance coverage, micro-investing, and loyalty point programs and disrupt the ecosystem!

New point-of-sale

The way businesses handle their finances is being transformed by innovative POS solutions. We can assist you in utilising cutting-edge technologies like mobile payments, contactless payments, and digital wallets to your advantage.

Regulations and standards

ISO 27001

Outlines requirements for establishing, implementing, maintaining, and continually improving an information security management system (ISMS) to protect sensitive information and manage security risks.


The General Data Protection Regulation also addresses the security of personal data processing, which is relevant for financial services providers handling customer data. GDPR mandates that organisations implement appropriate technical and organisational measures to ensure the security of personal data.


The Second Payment Services Directive is an EU regulation requiring banks to provide third-party payment service providers with API access to customer data and mandates Strong Customer Authentication for certain online transactions. It aims to promote innovation, improve security, and lower costs in the EU payments market.


The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard is a global standard for securing credit and debit card transactions, established by major card brands. It applies to organisations handling cardholder data and outlines 12 requirements for securing networks, controlling access, monitoring systems, and maintaining security policies.

ENISA guidelines

The European Union Agency for Cybersecurity provides recommendations and guidelines on cybersecurity, including for the financial sector. ENISA supports EU Member States and private sector organisations in achieving a high level of cybersecurity and network resilience.

NIS Directive

The Network and Information Systems Directive is the first EU-wide legislation on cybersecurity. It sets security and reporting requirements for operators of essential services (OES) and digital service providers (DSPs), which include online marketplaces, cloud computing services, and search engines. The goal is to ensure the security and resilience of critical network and information systems across the EU.

Who we are

As engineers and consultants, we develop world-class digital products in highly regulated industries and help our customers capture the value of IoT.

Partnering with organisations looking to leap-frog in the area of cloud and digital innovation, our approach utilises bleeding-edge technologies, DevSecOps methodology, and our own CI/CD pipeline and home-brewed tools to deliver efficiency. 

With our extensive experience and specific domain knowledge, coupled with a product development mindset, we are the perfect partner for your digital transformation.

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