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Reaching for the clouds

As engineers and consultants, we develop world-class digital products in highly regulated industries and help our customers capture the value of IoT. 

Partnering with organisations looking to leap-frog in the area of cloud and digital innovation, our approach utilises bleeding-edge technologies, DevSecOps methodology, and our own CI/CD pipeline and home-brewed tools to deliver efficiency.

With our extensive experience and specific domain knowledge, coupled with a product development mindset, we are the perfect partner for your digital transformation.

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Where we come from

We started off as a team of eager propeller heads, pioneering in the co-creation of the internet in this part of Europe. We were co-authors of the first social community dedicated to in the fields of coding, design and the marketing of digital products. Our first business opportunities came as work for Scandinavian telecommunication companies at the time of large 3G technology and video telephony span. Over the years, we have been able to verify our abilities in the media, finance and healthcare industries as well as the digital world of content - the gaming industry.

Today, we are a globally recognised company with the ability to transform ideas into finished products from the ground up, regardless of the complexity. Our continuous work with latest, most-advanced technologies, understanding the end-user, appreciation for immaculate design and deep-dive insight into the global market are among the reasons established international companies turn to us.

The 3fs way

Products over projects

We prioritise a product-centric approach over a project-based mentality, ensuring the success and growth of your digital products. This entails long-term commitments which might be intimidating and that’s understandable. Don’t worry, we have you covered all the way.


Leveraging our proven DevSecOps platform, we streamline development, deployment, integration, operations, and security. With advanced tools, scripts, guidelines, and skilled engineers, we ensure enhanced productivity, transparency, and security for client projects.


We've assisted both Fortune 500 companies and rapidly growing startups in innovating their digital products. Our success is fueled by curiosity, an unwavering pursuit of perfection, and continuous improvement, all supported by a team of highly motivated individuals.

More than design

By integrating design thinking into the creative process, we ensure that the final product not only looks visually appealing but also delivers exceptional user experiences, drives innovation, and effectively addresses the underlying challenges and goals.

Public cloud

Developing on public cloud infrastructure, we enable unparalleled innovation speed. Our streamlined workflows and efficient ways of working accelerate the delivery of your software, ensuring rapid progress and growth.


Deeply committed to sustainability, embedding eco-friendly practices, inclusive culture, and community involvement throughout our operations. We prioritize making a mark over leaving a footprint, enriching the lives of employees, partners, and communities.

What we value

People in a meeting room debating further improvements.


We keep our promises, and try to surpass them – moving technology, design and production boundaries further. Always. We do not stop at what’s expected of us. Ever.

Person programming and improving application on the computer.


The Kaizen principle of constant improvement is what we expect from ourselves, and our partners have thus come to expect from us. We have high standards and even higher ambitions. However, we acknowledge the importance of keeping both feet on the ground, humble and aware that we are craftsmen of the trade, hoping to become real artists someday.

Open and spacious office place with standing desks.

Fit in or move along

We respect each other, embrace diversity and do not tolerate intolerance. We adopt only positive changes to the company culture. Towards an even more open, more productive, more agile, environment- and people-friendly company.

Certificates and validations

Our skilled engineers are certified specialists for the largest public clouds.

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Quality management system validations.

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Research and development

Dive into cutting-edge innovations and groundbreaking research that shape the future of medtech, telco, fintech and IoT.

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