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Unlock the potential of connected devices

The promise of automated, dynamically scalable, performant, secure and cost effective management of infrastructure and applications is driving CSPs and platform providers toward the cloud.

We can help you design and build a secure and scalable infrastructure, integrate both new and old generation devices into the cloud and build engaging and performant applications on top, all the while advising you on how you can get the best out of cloud technologies in your business.

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For connectivity service providers

Our experience building innovative technologies for multi-tenant IoT or BSS platforms can help facilitate your digital transformation into the cloud, or innovate if you're already there.

Our knowledge of vertical IoT connectivity solutions and device connectivity to public cloud service providers such as AWS, Azure and GCP, digital sales channel integration and launch, and eSIM provision orchestration in cross-CSP ecosystems can help you accelerate your business and address new markets.

"Highest moment of 2020 was working with 3fs through our GA process. Lessons learned will be used as a WOW showcase for the future."

Ericsson Compliance officer

For device manufacturers

Utilising on-prem and cloud technology, we assist device manufacturers to capture the value of IoT. Our solutions enable fleet and asset management, implement over-the-air firmware updates and facilitate predictive maintenance.

Mobile apps enable seamless device onboarding, diagnosis and OOB configuration and improve the experience for field technicians or enable end-user self-service installation.

We support the integration of device data with data lakes, enabling data mining and AI-driven value streams to optimise operations and unlock new economies.

How we can help

Device connectivity

We have extensive experience delivering robust connectivity solutions for IoT devices using various protocols and technologies such NB-IoT/LTE-M, 4G/5G, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth while respecting privacy and security concerns.

Data security

Protection of data is one of our biggest concerns. We are focused on implementing systematic security measures to protect data and provide secure transfer and storage. 

Remote SIM provisioning

We have developed solutions which unlock the potential of eUICC connectivity for enterprises - technology which orchestrates remote SIM provisioning at the click of a button - greatly simplifying supply chain logistics and connectivity cost savings.

Cloud deployment and integration

Whether you're just looking to use the cloud or have specific ideas on how you want to get there, we have the experience and knowledge to guide you. Be it just the basic services like AWS EC2, S3 and EKS through to serverless technologies like AWS Lambda or IoT-services like AWS IoT Hub and Azure IoT Core, we can advise on what's best for you.

Edge computing

Develop edge computing solutions to bring data processing and analytics closer to the device, reducing latency and enabling real-time decision-making.

Device management

Implement scalable device management solutions that allow you to monitor, update, and control your IoT devices efficiently.


Guiding standardisation efforts, creating custom adapters, middleware, and APIs for data exchange, and offering integration services to connect IoT devices with diverse systems using protocols like MQTT.

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Who we are

As engineers and consultants, we develop world-class digital products in highly regulated industries and help our customers capture the value of IoT.

Partnering with organisations looking to leap-frog in the area of cloud and digital innovation, our approach utilises bleeding-edge technologies, DevSecOps methodology, and our own CI/CD pipeline and home-brewed tools to deliver efficiency. 

With our extensive experience and specific domain knowledge, coupled with a product development mindset, we are the perfect partner for your digital transformation.

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