Building software is hard. Having a supportive community makes it less so. At the end, despite all the technology, it all comes down to the people behind it.

We are united by a strong sense of responsibility towards each other and the world around us which can be seen through public lectures and workshops, endless efforts to maintain sustainability and charitable events.

How we contribute

Technical lectures

We organise knowledge sharing sessions every Wednesday afternoon. Most are technical and work oriented, but we also talk about our travels, share informal knowledge, etc. They are hosted by our employees with different levels of experience.

Round tables

For some topics, an open conversation is a better medium. Our employees are free to suggest topics, invite guests, even moderate such debates. We’ve shared our views on burnout prevention, people skills, sustainability, company evolution, etc.

Professional workshops

We organise professional workshops, such as Kubernetes Slovenia Meetups, where we share our expertise and experience. All of our sessions are live-streamed so you can join us from wherever you are.

Educating younger generations

We believe it is our responsibility to share knowledge to younger generations. We plan workshops for kids within Codeweek and lectures on technology and innovation. 

"Community activities are adding value to our employees, but they are also a way of opening our doors to you.”

Ajda Marn

Community facilitator

A spacious common area with numerous white tables, chairs, and some plants.Employees playing billiards and socializing in the common office area.People listening to a lecture in the common area at one of 3fs events.
Our kitchen doubles as a communal space, large enough for events.
Employees socialising after work in our extended communal area.
Open house event brings together people from inside and outside the company.

A growing community


internal knowledge sharings in 2022,
all by our employees


professional meetups or workshops in 2022


workshops attendees in 2022


events where our employees were invited as guest speakers in 2022


attendees on our largest ever open-house event


collaborations with community organisers outside of 3fs

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