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The excitement of the first insight, the delight of launch, the roller-coaster ride of keeping a product alive … we love it all and hope you’re here for the same reason.

For more than 15 years we have been exploring opportunities of emerging digital technologies consulting established companies in regulated industries. What we do has a global reach, and so might our cooperation.

Come and join us!

Employees sitting on the sofa and chatting in the common area.People socialise over pleasant chat and food in the common area.3fs event with employees and people from outside the company working together.
Relaxed conversations are the norm, be it a casual chat or “shop” talk.
Employees socialising after work in our extended communal area.
Open house event brings together people from inside and outside the company.

Who we are

As engineers and consultants, we develop world-class digital products in highly regulated industries and help our customers capture the value of IoT.

Partnering with organisations looking to leap-frog in the area of cloud and digital innovation, our approach utilises bleeding-edge technologies, DevSecOps methodology, and our own CI/CD pipeline and home-brewed tools to deliver efficiency.

With our extensive experience and specific domain knowledge, coupled with a product development mindset, we are the perfect partner for your digital transformation.

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Our culture


years is the average age of our employees


years is the average work experience of our employees


former employees that have gone on to start our ventures and own a share in them




employees, from hardcore engineers to arts and social sciences graduates



A day in the life of 3fs

3fs buzzes with activity between 8-9 am most of our employees arrive at the office, those working remotely joining our network. We have independent work teams, but start mornings together with coffee, breakfast, and chats in the community area, sometimes with optional yoga on Wednesdays.

Our working areas are designed for focus, with ergonomic chairs, adjustable desks, and other measures to keep us healthy. We encourage team mingling for lunch, with some opting for home-cooked meals, often with extra plates. Managers have a tendency to ask anyone still around after 5pm to leave for home.

We have company-sponsored activities and parents frequently meet up for playtime. At 3fs, true friendships are formed through working collaboration, both on-site and remotely.

Our many, many perks

Career development

We want the company to evolve – and we want everyone to flourish with it. Our career development options include full time employment, competitive salaries and extra bonuses.

Global reach

Our work, team, partners and mindset are international. We take great pride in our global outlook and continuously learn from it.

Work environment

We strive to offer superb working conditions and wellbeing at our company: from lovely office environment, necessary tools and equipment, to fully stocked kitchen and bookshelves. And we don’t mind a furry assistant either (yes, we’re talking about dogs).

Work ethics

It’s important that work gets done – but it’s even more significant how it gets done. We stick to a limited hour work week, encourage remote work, and put family first.


We don’t take shortcuts. We actively take health precautions and support and organise sports activities


Social bonds are an important part of team and work dynamics, but are also a bedrock for the community around it. We strengthen these bonds at informal events and of course, around food.

How to land a job at 3fs in under 4 weeks

People working in 3fs offices

Get in touch

Until we get our hands on a mind reading device, we kindly ask you to express your interest in working with us: send us your CV and work portfolio. If we like what we see, we’ll invite you to do a task.

We reply in 2-3 working days.

People working in 3fs offices

First practical task

The task is a simple, generic assignment in your field of expertise. It’s not intended to test or trick you, but to help us get a better understanding of how you think.

8 hours of work
1 week to complete the task
Remote work

People working in 3fs offices

First chat

We see chats as a two-way street: it is just as much our job to impress, as it is yours to impress us. Therefore, we prefer relaxed, frank conversations and don’t conduct psychological evaluations.

1 hour with People Operations
3fs offices or video call

People working in 3fs offices

Second chat

You’re almost there! It’s time to clarify the details of your position and on-boarding. If you still have things you want to discuss, we’ll gladly talk about anything that’s on your mind.

1–2 hours with PeopleOps, team lead and CEO
3fs offices or video call

People working in 3fs offices

Job offer

At the end of this process, we both have pretty good idea whether we’re a match. We’ll warmly welcome you to the 3fs family with an offer. Keep in mind, that all our offers are final.

Offer is usually given in 2–3 working days.

Not sure, if we’d fit?

Don’t worry, we are always on the lookout for interesting people. Feel free to contact us and introduce yourself, or meet us in person at one of our community events.


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There are no open positions in this field at the moment.

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